Management idea

用心守護。以愛調味  幸福米寶的故事


                                   Naturmi story

              Beginning: wash their hands in the name of love soup
              The reason for the founding of "Naturmi" comes from the founder's own baby, 
              who had severe atopic dermatitis at birth and was seriously allergic to various 
              baby food products on the market. Therefore, he decided to devote himself to
              the research and development of raw materials in the form of homemade products,
              So as to adjust the healthy, delicious and zero-burden baby food for the children,
              and the "Naturmi" series of products have come into being so that they can look 
              after the products together with all the parents to protect their children's health 
              and become a baby The best demonstration of non-staple food.

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