The creation of the "
Naturmi" brand, like the guardian angel of the baby at home, upholds the pure, natural and sincere heart, respect for nature and our land, so we carefully selected good quality rice and natural ingredients in Taiwan as Raw materials to the mother's point of view and the development of special processes for the baby's health without burden on the safety of food, so that the world's parents, rest assured that the best food for the growth of children's food choices. We sincerely hope you can support and agree with our philosophy to grow healthy, natural and unparalleled Happy Baby with your children.
Going forward, "Lu Yuan International Co., LTD" will provide consumers with more diversified health choices. With the concept of "taking it from society and making use of it in society," we will do our best to help the disadvantaged groups, Assist in public welfare promotion, implementation of social responsibility, and create the core value of the sustainable development of enterprises.
Our service is to produce and distribute natural healthy baby foods for our own brand "Naturmi".
If you agree with our corporate philosophy, interested in the product, and hope to cooperate with us, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting " Lu Yuan International Co., LTD " official website.

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