Naturmi - Baby Noodles

【Naturmi】Rice Noodles. (Pumpkin) 240g/Package

* 【Naturmi】Rice Noodles. (Pumpkin) 240g/Package

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【Naturmi】Rice Noodles. (Pumpkin) 240g/Package

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【Naturmi】Rice Noodles. (Pumpkin) 240g/Package

• Salt-free stabilizer alkali borax
• No added artificial colors
• Simple mother comfort

Five major characteristics
1.No preservatives
2 without additives
3. No added artificial colors
4. No added sodium salt
5. No added alkaline water

[Naturmi] rice noodles in addition to the production of pasta used in wheat flour and water, we add all the natural ingredients, nutrition ingredients marked "calcium", all from natural ingredients, so that the baby eat good absorption
Healthy and delicious without burden, the pursuit of healthy quality of life for children! ! !
  • Brand: Naturmi - Rice Noodles. (Pumpkin)
  • Net Weight: 240g
  • Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, Pumpkin, Rice
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Best before: As shown on the package(yyyy/mm/dd)
  • Shelf Life: 12 months (unopened)
  • Applicable age: more than 8 months
  • Storage: Please avoid direct sunlight and store properly in dry and cool area.
This product contains wheat gluten, which is not suitable for people who might have gluten allergies.

Sweet reminder:
Please consume this product once the box is open and store properly afterwards.Please have the noodles cut to a suitable length when feeding babies. For safety, parents are strongly urged to accompany children while consuming the products.
<Vegan edible>
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