• Q1: Can I order abroad?
  • A: We only accept consumers from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. Please order at the Chinese office. However, please contact us before placing an order. For postage quotation, other regions have special needs. E-Mail Contact us, thank you for your cooperation.
  • Q2: After I purchase the goods, how long will send the goods?
  • A: When you finish the shopping process, we will send out three to five working days (excluding holidays).
  • Q3:Will the return process?
  • A: As the goods sent abroad, we can not return service, please confirm the risk before shopping, thank you.
  • Q4: How do I pay in foreign countries?
  • A: We have a credit card service, please pay by credit card service, thank you.
  • Q5: Do I have to join members to buy your company's products?
  • A: You need to join members can enjoy the buy price and buy goods, thank you.
  • Q6: 「Naturmi」 brand all related products contain high sodium, high salt and other additives it?
  • A: 「Naturmi」 brand under the relevant products are made of natural ingredients instead of special manufacturing process made of fried, the products are non-sodium, salt, and no other chemical-harmful additives, without sugar seasoning, with the most natural flavor, let The simpler and safer the food, the completely different from the currently marketed products, Taiwan's first natural baby food is currently no other salt, sugar seasoning, make the best food choices for children, please feel free to buy. (Note: the Naturmi of rice-related products of sodium are all natural sodium attached to natural ingredients, please feel at ease).
  • Q7: My baby will be allergic, is it suitable for eating 「Naturmi」 biscuits?
  •  A: This product is made from pure rice and brown rice, not allergic to soy, wheat gluten, and no harmful chemical additives, the ideal choice for allergy baby consumption.
  • Q8: How big is the baby to eat puff cookies?
  • A: six months to try a small piece give the baby to give it a try (such as 1/4 large puff biscuits), eight months old can be given normal size baby, as puff biscuit products are made of natural ingredients , So do not worry about the physical burden on infants and young children. Puff cookies are made of pure rice and brown rice, so it will slowly soften in your mouth, do not worry too much about the baby, but the baby can try to peel smaller pieces, adults should always take care of, Pay attention to the safety of the baby and assist the baby to eat, and at the same time train the eye coordination of the baby and enhance the ability to swallow.
  • Q9: 「Naturmi」 brand of sodium content how high?
  • A: Our products under the age of one are all made from natural ingredients. No added salt or sugar. This is a very healthy and natural food.
  • Q10: How to wholesale 「Naturmi」 products, how the goods wholesale and retail price?
  • A: Please click "Contact Us" on the home page of our company to write out your specific needs. We will reply you as soon as possible, thanks.
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